Saturday, June 4, 2022 • 7pm-11pm @ The Republic NOLA


Get in the Jazz spirit this June at the Axeman's Ball presented by Krewe of BOO! The New Orleans' Official Halloween Parade.


As the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans music has influenced musicians, performers, authors, painters, and even an infamous serial killer known only as The Axeman.


While Jazz grew out of drumming and musical improv, it was an artform rejected by high society in its early days, only to be played in gin joints and dime-a-trick cribs in the old Storyville District.


Between two world wars and among a great depression, Jazz music became the uplifting spirit in a time of battle and loss. Instruments were made to sing notes played from the heart rather than sheets of paper. Brass bands began performing syncopated Jazz on the stage of riverboats, all-night bars, and rowdy dance taverns, working its way into the esteemed theatres and upscale venues.


Therefore, when the city was terrorized by a murderous Axeman who slayed families in their homes, a letter was sent to the local newspaper written by the Axeman himself, telling the people of New Orleans that he would spare the city any killings one certain night if every household were to play his favorite type of music, Jazz. On that night, folks hired bands, played records, and packed in to music halls to comply with the serial killer's request. No one was axed down on that night. Jazz had saved the city.


The folklore of the Axeman's Jazz signifies how Jazz music can transform and transcend. It is the marriage of a cornet, a trumpet, and a trombone. It is the lifeblood of New Orleans. It is the soundtrack of the city, the cosmopolitan cadence, the melting pot of music.


Jazz is legend.


The Republic NOLA

Gather in your Jazz Era Attire at 828 South Peters Street to experience The Republic NOLA, a historic warehouse revived into a modern event venue, perfect for the Axeman's Ball where we celebrate the balanced dichotomy of old and new.​

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Kick off the Roaring 20's vibe on June 4th, 2022 at Republic NOLA where Jazz music will play and people will dance like it's 1922.​


In a city over 300 years old, we will celebrate the last century's innovation and dedication to the art of Jazz.

Doors Open @ 7pm-11pm

Wear your best Prohibition-Era style costume and join Krewe of BOO! as we host the first annual Axeman's Ball on June 4th, beginning at 7pm and running til 11pm when the bathtub gin goes dry!​

Roaring Twenties / Jazz Era / Turn-of-the-Century

Costumes Encouraged!

One century ago, women were empowered with freedoms such as the right to vote and to dress as they pleased. Art deco was the design style rage, and men wore the stereotypical "mobster" attire of the trench coat, zoot suit, and fedora. Ladies, don your flapper gowns, gloves, beaded pearls, feathers and fringe!​


Featuring: Naughty Professor Band

The Axeman's Ball features the live performance of Naughty Professor, a great young horn-driven funk and fusion band out of New Orleans.


Jam and jive with Naughty Professor as they turn up the heat at the Axeman's Ball!​

V.I.P. & Gen. Admin Tickets

Pre-sale Available


V.I.P. Balcony Area
Pre-sale: $25 per person

General Admission
Pre-sale: $15 per person​


Naughty Professor Album - Good Things

In keeping with the EP’s theme, the third composition, “Kings,” features another kind of shredder, saxophone-and-electronics maniac Skerik. He takes a spirited solo that makes perfect sense in the context of this hard-charging, shape-shifting tune.


Naughty Professor saxophonist Nick Ellman said it best: “While our sound and style continue to evolve in different facets of what we do, this three-track, heavy-hitter special-guests EP is letting everyone know that our core instrumental unit still has a lot to say, with much more to come.”

From the first several bars of Naughty Professor’s new EP, Good Things, listeners will instantly realize New Orleans’ premier progressive, funky jazz band is reaching for something far from the run of the mill. The EP displays more growth from the sextet with the type of aggressive playing amid complex arrangements that has become the band’s hallmark.


Yet, this is not your grandfather’s prog band with long-winded solos wandering in nonsensical directions. The band is tight and none of the songs exceed five minutes, though repeat listening rewards the ear by exposing the depth of the songwriting.


The opening cut, “Rush Hour,” features Weedie Braimah—a hot percussion player on the scene both nationally and in New Orleans with a Grammy-nominated album, which was recently included on Time magazine’s 10 Best Albums of 2021.


Yet, the song isn’t defined by his performance. The band brings Braimah and his djembe hand drum into the mix for a killer call-and-response solo at the end of the tune.


The second tune, “Waltz,” also features a special guest, keyboardist and synth player Shaun Martin of the band Snarky Puppy. The two bands are clearly kindred spirits and Martin adds some serious shredding to a song that seems to seek to redefine the term “waltz,” with fluctuating tempos and a great attack from the horn section.